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The Design Process

Flyer Design is an effective and reliable means of communicating your business offerings to a widespread audience. A recent study by the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) concluded that consumers consider unaddressed mail i.e. flyers & leaflets to be the most preferred method of receiving marketing information from local businesses (31 per cent) and retailers (31 per cent) *.


However, looks matter, particularly in this “see-it-buy-it” world in which we live. A well-designed flyer is without a doubt the most essential element of any printed campaign. The creativeness, choice of colour and graphics all largely affect the response rate to your flyer campaign.


Customers often tend to judge business’ based on what they see at first glance. So, if your flyer is the first time a consumer comes in contact with your business, you’re going to want the design to leave a lasting impression.

GDR’s Tips for Effective Flyer Design

Flyers should be designed with the customer in mind. A clean, simple layout is recommended. GDR’s talented in-house graphic design team have let you in on some of their hottest flyer design tips. See below:


Be Clear.


Avoid visual clutter. As a rule of thumb, no more than 35% of the flyer should be filled with text. Remember, the purpose of a flyer is to clearly communicate information to your targeted audience – you don’t want your key business message to get lost.


Pro tip: avoid capitals! It can be really difficult for the human brain to process.



Shine Bright.


Our designers recommend using colour on your flyers to grab your customer’s attention but the key is to keep it consistent. Use your company’s brand colours on your flyer as an added branding element! There is no limit as to how many colours you can use, but be sure to keep the colour scheme in line with your branding.


Size Matters.


Unpopular opinion: bigger is not always better! Business owners tend to think they get more bang for their buck by making everything on their flyer design BIG to grab people’s attention. But this goes against our # 1 golden rule: Be clear. Your logo, text size & graphics should all vary in size, and the most important element on the flyer should be the biggest.


Be Unique


Have fun with the flyer design process. Get those creative juices flowing and think outside the bubble. After all, you want your business to stand out from the crowd, right? We urge you to mix things up in the flyer design process. Something as simple as changing the shape of your flyer can go a long way. The more disruptive the design, the more it’s going to intrigue the customer and engage them.


Use Call to Actions (CTAs).


A classic call to action can be any phrase like “Order Now” or “Call us on…” it gives the customer direction and encourages them to act quickly. Our team of expert designers recommend using incentives, promotions or creative slogans on the flyer design. Be bold, but keep things simple.

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Being the frontrunner of flyer design & distribution for over 35 years, we certainly have experience up our sleeves! GDR offer disruptive, affordable and reliable flyer design services that keep our clients coming back for more. Our in-house graphic design team can assist you in designing a flyer that delivers the ‘wow-factor’ and, more importantly, draw in new prospects and prompt them to pick up the phone.


What GDR can also bring to the table:


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  • Restaurant Menu Design
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  • Trade Services Flyers
  • Company Collateral
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Newsletter Design
  • Postcard Design


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