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Develop a cutting-edge logo design that delivers a strong brand promise and makes your brand more memorable.

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Attracts, engages and retains your business's target customers.

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Improved awareness of your brand, increased sales and customer loyalty.

Logo Design Sydney

Logo Design

Logos are a critical component of the marketing mix for small to medium businesses after all, it’s how your consumers are going to recognise you! A Logo Design is basically a graphical representation of your company i.e. the face of your business. The purpose of your logo is to anchor your core brand and to give your business a unique identity.


Getting the right logo design for your business can completely revamp your brand image in the mind of your target audience. It gives them a glimpse as to what they are signing up for, even before making contact with you.

At GDR, our creative geniuses can entirely revolutionise your brand at the click of a button. We offer bespoke logo designs that can reflect your unique offering and position you as a credible niche within in your industry.


We believe that creating a cutting-edge, streamlined logo design not only makes your brand more memorable, but it also delivers a strong brand promise to the consumer.

Logo Design Sydney
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Before we even begin to put our pencils to paper, our logo designers will sit down with you to grasp your basic brand requirements and business ideology. Together we will create a ‘look and feel’ that reflects your brand identity. From there we will decide on a set of branding colours, fonts and typographies for your logo design.


By using this collaborative approach, we can create synergies by bouncing off ideas, gauge feedback along the way and create a superior quality logo design that is eye-catching, innovative and creative all at the same time.  At GDR, we won’t stop designing until you are 100% confident and happy with your final logo design.


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