Website Design

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Construct a website design that reflects your business, aligning the look and feel with your brand image.

Which does this


Attracts, engages and retains your business's target customers.

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Improved awareness of your brand, increased sales and customer loyalty.

Let GDR Group do your Website Design

What is Web Design?

Web Design is the process of creating the ‘look and feel’ of your website.The design of a web page is a critical component of your marketing mix because it determines how long your visitors will stay on your website. For instance, the more visually compelling, interactive and aesthetically appealing your web design is, the more likely you are to attract new leads and fully engage your audience.

At GDR, we do more than just flex our ‘creative muscles’. We use a full-serviced approach to web design that’ll transform your customers into raving fans. We will work closely with you to create an online experience that will deliver that ‘wow’ factor all the while creating a seamless integration to your backend. Unlike other web designers, we specialise in custom-designed business websites. This collaborative approach means we listen, understand and offer detailed training and ongoing support – so you don’t get left in the dark.


Our clients choose us because we understand small to medium businesses inside-out and back-to-front (after all, we too fall into the SME category!) We capture our clients’ unique brand and leverage the power of the world wide web to help grow your business.

Website Design
GDR Group offer a wide range of website designs for small businesses

Our web design team are highly experienced ‘digital natives’ who have a sharp eye for detail. They will use every pixel it takes to deliver your business’ message and create a highly responsive web design that can be adapted to the size of any user’s device.


Our rock star web designers have a knack for innovation and specialise in modern, clean designs that maximise user engagement.


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Why GDR Group?

  • GDR have been the leading local area marketing experts for over 35 years.
  • Our in-depth understanding of local communities and the people who live in them means we’re able to deliver smarter marketing solutions that get your business real results, fast.
  • Our specialist teams go above and beyond to get you more return on your marketing spend (than anyone else).

GDR Group provide creative and professional web design services