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Contrary to popular opinion – print media isn’t dead. In today’s business landscape, marketers seem to be focusing most of their efforts on their online marketing campaigns i.e. improving the responsiveness of their website or engaging with customers on social media. However, you may not know that print media has evolved alongside other emerging technologies.


Print marketing goes beyond brochures, flyers and leaflets. Companies are now investing in promotional pens, keychains, magnets, etc. By being creative in your printing strategy, you can build a stronger connection to your audience and improve your brand awareness exponentially.


With over 35 years of experience, the GDR family can provide your business with high quality, affordable printing solutions. Whether it’s printing business cards, magazines, or coffee mugs, we’ve got you covered. We’ll speak about your business’s vision, your customer’s needs and guide you towards the best printing option for your business.

Why printing?

As previously mentioned, many consider printing to be redundant. However, printing has the potential to reach people from all walks of life who may not have hopped on the ‘digital’ bandwagon yet.


Print advertising persists in the digital age because physically putting an item in front of your consumers is a far more effective way to get your brand noticed. Sure, you can post something online quickly and cheaply, but there is no guarantee it will be seen amongst all the clutter. Additionally, consumers are far more likely to skim over large chunks of online text whilst connecting better with print.


Not all printing is created equal. From formatting, colour choice, to sizing, paper quality and glazing- the possibilities are endless.

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The Printing Breakdown.

1) Flyer type


Whether your business is interested in printing flyers, brochures, pamphlets, or leaflets, it’s important to understand what each can offer. It’s the nature of the content that will determine the formatting of the document you wish to print. A flyer is usually one piece of paper, whereas leaflets, pamphlets, and brochures can all be folded and printed on multiple sides.


2) Flyer Colour


There is a huge advantage when choosing to print your flyer in colour. It’s a highly effective way to grab the reader’s attention and stand out amongst the junk mail. Even though black and white printing is a more cost-effective option, it depends on what look and feel you’re going for with your printing. Pro tip: We recommend using your brand colours when printing your flyers to keep your marketing materials consistent.


3) Flyer size


With 35 years of experience up our sleeves, we’ve seen it all. However, the the following flyer sizes have proven to be the most popular:


  • A4- the size of a standard sheet of paper
  • A5- half standard sheet of paper
  • A6- a quarter of a standard sheet of paper – similar to a postcard
  • DL- a third of the size of a standard sheet of paper




Similar to flyer, leaflets are a single sheet of paper that can be printed on one or both sides. However, they are different in that they are usually folded and used as an insert or to be mailed out.


Our clients often prefer the following leaflet sizes:


  • A4 folded to DL
  • A4 folded to A5
  • A3 folded to A4


DL Pamphlets


DL Pamphlets are unbound, printed publications and are designed like booklets. They usually comprise of a few pages of paper folded and stapled together.


The most popular sizes of pamphlets are:

  • 8-page
  • A4 folded to DL pamphlet
  • 4-page A4 folded to A5 etc.


Paper type

Paper stock is the most common flyer/leaflet printing pick – heavy board stock can be an excellent option for pamphlets or brochures because of its sturdier nature.



Cello glazing is a slightly more expensive option and is often used if businesses are trying to attract a certain client or to promote a particular image. It is most commonly used on business cards, folders or booklets. Cello glazing offers a high quality finish to your printed jobs but it shouldn’t be used on anything larger than a DL size. The best sizes for cello glazing are A6 and DL. If you decide to use cello glazing, you can choose between matte and gloss glaze. Gloss is used to grab the attention of your audience whereas matte is used when you’re required to write on the paper.


From conception to completion, GDR will go above and beyond to ensure your business uses the most effective and affordable printing solutions. Let us help you design and print something that makes a lasting impression.


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