Benefits of Social Media

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Demonstrate the positive effects a social media marketing campaign can have on your business inc. awareness and increased revenue.

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Attracts, engages and retains your business's target customers.

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Improved awareness of your brand, increased sales and customer loyalty.

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The Benefits of Social Media

1)     Boosted brand visibility and awareness


As an SME ourselves, we know the struggle involved in getting your businesses name out there and getting prospective customers to know who you are- with limited resources. However, in this rapidly evolving digital age in which we live, SME’s now have the opportunity to get the same if not better visibility and exposure for their business through social media channels.


Previously, creating greater awareness for brands was a challenging process, but the introduction of social media as a form of marketing has given businesses worldwide access to over 2 billion active users, at a fraction of the cost. Pretty cool, right?

2)    Brand Loyalty


As a small business, you’ll have to put in the hard yards to gain a bunch of loyal followers.  This means actively participating in online conversations, engaging with your audience and “listening” to your online community. The more you interact and take notice of what your followers are saying, the more likely they are to remain loyal to your business.



3)    Improves SEO


Research has proven time and time again that social media content can improve your website ranking on Google’s search results page. The more content you put out, the more likely it is going to show up on people’s search results page. They key however, is to keep the content valuable and relevant to your business. When content is being posted for the sake of posting content, that’s when all your efforts will go to waste.

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4)    Humanises your Business


Using personality, humour and creative flair on social media humanises your business. It allows brands to connect to their audience on a deeper, more personal level- creating an emotional connection. If you get it right, you can expect to gain plenty of loyal and repeat-customers.


5)   New Stream of Revenue


Social media can be a lucrative platform. There are more money-making opportunities on social media than you might have initially thought.  If you’ve built up enough trust with your online audience, they will be more inclined to click through to your webpage and follow through with the sale.


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