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Develop a strategy for achieving social targets within your business, and grow your brand's online marketability.

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What is a Social Media Strategy?

A social media marketing strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a predetermined set of targets stemming from social networks. Social media marketing strategies require careful planning and consideration, otherwise your business may be at risk of not having a clearly defined direction or even worse- being sucked into a social media time sink!


Having a written social media marketing strategy not only allows your business to refer back to something before forging ahead towards your desired goals, but it also has a measurable impact on your businesses’ bottom line.


We’ve tee’d up with our team of digital natives to discover what you should be including in your social media marketing strategy to ensure its highly effective from day dot.

Key Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

1)    Identify Your Brand Voice & Ideal Customer

Identify a ‘brand voice’ or persona that’s consistent with your business and marketing strategy. you may be at risk of having an assortment of random voices and tones that aren’t consistent with your brand image. Also, be sure to identify your ideal customer and keep them in mind when you’re creating content. Creating a buyer persona can also assist you in driving your key business messaging and conversions. The more specific your persona, the more likely you are to convert leads from each social platform. When you are aware of your target audience’s demographics (age, gender, occupation, income) it’s far easier and cheaper to target these segments on social media.



2)    Set Pre-Determined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Setting targets allows you to monitor your business performance and determine whether or not your social media marketing strategy is effective.  Every component of your social media strategy serves the targets you set. Your business simply cannot move forward without being aware of what you’re working towards. In social media marketing, KPI’s can vary from follower growth, increased brand awareness, keeping customers to increasing click-throughs, conversions or reducing marketing costs. For example, a common KPI may be “to increase leads by 60%”.



3)    Select the Most Effective Social Media Channels

Avoid wasting time and energy on platforms that won’t deliver the results you’d like to see by doing your research on all the various social networks i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. From then, you can determine which social network is best suited to your business and which one will deliver the best results. Keep in mind each social media platform boasts a unique personality and purpose, so it’s best to know which social networks your customers are using.



4)    Create a successful social media content strategy

Without engaging, relevant and useful content, you won’t see the results you desire. Creating a strong content strategy means identifying the type of content you wish to post (video, images, text only), the times you should be posting and how frequently you should post. Without a concrete content strategy, you are at risk of not converting prospects and not growing your fan base.



5)    Create a social media budget and dedicate resources

Although social media marketing costs virtually next to nothing, it is still important to consider the tools various tools available to achieve your objectives. You may wish to allocate resources towards tools such as scheduling services, stock imagery, advertising/reach or analytical tools. If so, it’s imperative you create a social media budget to track your spending so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.



6)    Research your Competitors

Watch your competitors like a hawk. Monitor the social networks they’re using and the type of content they’re posting. This will not only give your business insight into their day to day marketing activities, but it will also give your business ideas as to how you can implement social media marketing strategies successfully. In summary – find out what they are doing- and do it better!


However, a fabulous social media marketing strategy should never be ‘set in stone’. Social media marketing strategies are an ongoing ‘work in progress’ and should be updated as regularly as possible to keep up with the evolving landscape of social media and also as your business continues to grow.

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How GDR Can Help

Our social media strategists at GDR will assist you not only in creating your objectives, but actually fulfilling them. We will assess your business’s position, outline opportunities available to you and recommend specific actions for long-term social media success. We’ll work closely with you to determine which SEO tools will best serve your business and recommend the most effective tools to track your social media performance, all while keeping within your budget.



What we can do for you:



Social Media Audit:

We will take a snapshot of your current social media presence and create strategies around how you can improve your performance and accelerate growth.


Competitive Analysis:

We will analyse your direct competitors and determine their performance online. We will then identify their social media marketing strategies so that we can propel your business to compete on their level.


Social Media Platforms:

We will identify the social networks that we think you should be engaging with, based on your customer base. We will then assist you in creating and managing your own social media accounts so you can start driving traffic to your site and forming a two-way communication loop.


Community Monitoring:

We’ll outline which communities (i.e. Facebook Groups or Google+ ‘Circles’) we think are worth monitoring and engaging in.  As such, we will be able to identify the latest trends in your industry and position you as thought-leaders. We also have the capabilities and paid software to track your keywords and respond in real-time to your customers.


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