Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Grow Your Business


Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Grow Your Business

It’s not surprising how almost 68% of internet users have a social media profile, but what is surprising is that social media is still being under utilised from a digital marketing perspective.

Of course there are challenges that businesses need to overcome before going down the social media path, including truly understanding the value that social media brings, the lack of skills in this area and lack of resources just to mention a few.  The landscape to start taking advantage of these social media channels to grow your business and start generating leads has never been more compelling than it is now.

The statistics alone highlight what a phenomenal medium this, and so many businesses are not taking full advantage of it – that aside, the opportunity to change this is NOW.

GDR’s social media experts have compiled some cool and creative ways for any business to start leveraging the power of the social media channels.  Using these social media channels to engage people even before you try and sell to them is something that will keep your customers AND prospects coming back to you.  There are so many great ways to achieve this and GDR give you a taste of this in our newly release E-Guide!!

Remember it’s a two-way communication.  You need to listen, monitor and respond to your audiences in the best possible manner to ensure your business is seen in the most favourable light.

So are you taking advantage of the power of Twitter, or Facebook or LinkedIn?

Contact us today to get your free eGuide download and find out how you can start using these social media channels to not only drive leads to your business but also GROW your business.

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