Why Every Small Business Must Master Multi-Channel Marketing

Small business multi-channel marketing
Is the R.O.I. from your marketing spend up what you want it to be? The marketing landscape for a wide range of industry verticals, including real estate, has changed dramatically over the past decade. The number of channels that organisations can use to reach prospects has exploded, whilst content consumption has fragmented beyond all expectations.

Marketing will only get more fragmented in the coming years as consumers continue migrating away from the desktop and toward smartphones, tablets and wearables. To maintain a competitive edge, organisations will have to develop creative assets for all these new devices, as well as expanding forms of online and offline content, including social, video, addressable TV and digital out-of-home, not to mention traditional TV, outdoor, direct mail and print.

This new marketing landscape demands new solutions, which is why small, smart strategic multi-channel marketing agencies like Global Direct Response Group (GDR) are now at the forefront of developments in this field.

Our multi-channel approach isn’t only about using different media and methodologies to reach your prospects or customers; it even goes beyond straightforward integration towards a strategically choreographed approach that’s designed to reach all your potential customers with the right messages at precisely the right time.

More importantly, many business and agency owners also love the fact that GDR’s approach isn’t only about the new; it also incorporates many of the tried and true marketing activities such as letterboxing and direct mail as well as YouTube videos, digital direct response plus well-thought-out website design and creation.

About Daizy Gedeon

Daizy has been at the helm of GDR since 2007 and has expanded its operations to include a swathe of marketing services and improved logistics capabilities, making the company one of the most trusted and reputed in the industry. A journalist and filmmaker with more than 17 years’ experience in Sydney, London and the Middle East working for media giants News Limited, Channel 4 News in London and MBC, Daizy’s communications and media expertise have enabled GDR to introduce cutting-edge, innovative, integrated marketing techniques and strategies that give GDR clients outstanding and unparalleled benefits that go beyond what its competitors offer.

Whilst Daizy has been at the helm of GDR since 2007, GDR itself has been a marketing leader here in Australia since 1980. So the team there has actually lived the changes that have occurred in marketing over the past 36 years and all that priceless experience is seamlessly incorporated into its new-generation, multi-channel approach to marketing.

“Our multi-channel marketing communications not only gives your organisation the potential to get better results from your campaigns, but it also helps to actually reduce marketing costs. Our disciplined creative consistency helps reinforce the basic campaign themes by increasing the number of times prospects see or hear the same message, in addition to saving you money by utilising the same creative and strategic fundamentals across all media,” Daizy said.

“But by choreographing channels such as advertising, direct mail, social media, telemarketing etc., we can also provide you with added credibility, brand clarity and profile, consistency and maximum communications impact. It’s a proven formula for success and one that we can pretty much guarantee will improve your marketing ROI overall,” added Daizy.


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