Win More Customers From Your Website

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Win More Customers From Your Website

At GDR we know exactly what it takes to win more customers. Local search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s known in the industry is a powerful digital marketing strategy for business owners wanting to sell to consumers in their local area so if you are a business and are not showing up in the local search you’re definitely missing out and it’s important to formulate a strategy for your business immediately!

As a result, an increase in web traffic, brand visibility, and in turn an increase in revenue are all advantages of investing in an effective SEO strategy. It’s also critical for managing your online reputation.

The GDR Group has devised a top 10 SEO checklist to help you formulate an effective SEO strategy and also follows best practice techniques provided by Google.

GDR have compiled what we believe is an effective Local Area SEO Checklist that your business could utilise immediately– it’s important to start reaping the benefits for your small business and start putting the right things in place upfront when it comes to SEO.  It’s also important to remember that SEO effectiveness doesn’t just happen overnight, its effectiveness is built over time with a long-term strategy in place.

We’re excited to launch the first of a series of  ‘How To’ e-guides that aim to make your business work more effectively and get results fast.  We hope you find it useful in terms of generating more leads from your website and most importantly winning more customers!

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